Monday, April 21, 2014

Waiting for nap time

Just so I remember that this stage of life is not all happy, happy, is one of those days where I'm just surviving until naptime.  The boys were up later last night, woke up 45 minutes earlier than normal, and have been especially whiny and naughty this morning.  They make look cute while they were working on Legos but boy oh boy do they need a nap.  And so does Mama.  And maybe some chocolate.

I know we'll all feel better after some rest :-)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midweek Randoms

Goodness, you know how you plan to have a low key morning at home and it ends up being filled with lots of little things that all come at once and need to be done right that moment?  That was today.  But, in a good way.  The boys are finally sleeping so I thought I'd post a few random thoughts.

*  My friend and I are getting ready to have a garage sale next weekend.  It satisfies my nesting craziness to purge our house of unnecessary items, and it feeds my friend and I's garage sale fund for the rest of the summer.  Seems kind of funny to have a garage sale to make money to spend at garage sales, but hey, it works right?

*  Jonah thinks its hilarious when his Floppy dog wears a diaper

*  I always have Peter and my boys match for Easter Sunday, with a simple blue oxford type shirt and khakis.  I usually wear whatever kind of matches them and looks sort of Springy.  But I've never been pregnant over Easter before so my options are a lot more limited.  I'll have to see if I can find something that will work since I don't want to go buy something new.  And fingers crossed that my boys will let me get a picture of them that doesn't involve closed eyes, tears, tongues sticking out, or crazy faces :-)

*  Speaking of pictures of my boys, I'm trying to have them practice taking a picture with normal smiles.  We're making progress??  Maybe??

*  We're excited to go back to our church small group tonight.  We've missed the past 3 weeks because of sickness, being out of town, and company.  We're so blessed with good friends!

*  I feel sorry for people who don't like leftovers.  Some things really are better the second day and not having to cook dinner one day is awesome.  Leftover enchiladas on the menu tonight, yum!!

*  Peter and I have had a bit of downtime in the evening to watch some shows and some that we've been watching are Crisis (started off slow but picking up a bit), Shark Tank (love seeing all the ideas) and Call the Midwife (such a great show, the characters are fabulous!)

*  I'm over 6 months pregnant now which is crazy!  I'm feeling really good, definitely feeling pregnant, but sleeping well and feeling well so no complaints.  I should probably take a bump picture sometime....should probably stop eating chocolate before that happens, ha!

*  Enough random thoughts, I need to have my devotions

Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Blog Catch-up

Today is the first day in about 2 weeks where the boys are napping and I have a quiet house to relax in.  No major project to do, my house is clean, no company to get ready for.....and I have to admit, it's pretty relaxing.  And it may be involving a little bit of chocolate and some HGTV.  It has been a very fun, but very full, last 2 weeks so being able to have an hour or two of some downtime is pure bliss!  And I'm finally able to catch up on some blog posts so scroll down for 3 more updates!

The weather has been amazing the past week.  Sunshine everyday.  Some days 65, and yesterday it was around 75 degrees.  We played outside every day during the Larmore visit, and we've been outside since they left on Saturday.  We brought out the water table and yesterday the boys even got to splash around in our little pool.  It is soo refreshing to sit on our back patio and watch our boys play and soak up the Vitamin D.  The boys get filthy every day playing around but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday night the boys spent an hour with Auntie Amanda and Nana after we had spent the afternoon playing outside.  After church on Sunday we went to a local plant nursery and picked out a few things for our yard since Jonah had napped in nursery that day.  Peter really wanted a few more fruit trees for our backyard so we added a Pink Lady and Liberty apple tree.  This will join the 2 cherry trees and pink dogwood that we added last fall.  I love the pop of color that the dogwood brings.  It'll be fun to see the trees grow and see how our backyard changes in 5 years.

We got some cheerful flowers to plant around the light post in our front yard so hopefully we will get those planted later tonight.

The boys and I had a busy, yet relaxing morning.  I had my 6 month baby appointment this morning and little guy has a nice strong heartbeat.  Jonah had to get a few immunizations so we headed to Safeway afterwards to pick up a little treat for being brave.  Then we went for a nice long walk and ended up at a nearby park so the boys could run the bases at the 3 baseball fields and play on the slides.  Its funny how quickly you get used to the nice, warm weather and just want to spend every second outside.  And the bonus is my 2 active boys wear themselves out and sleep great for naps :-)  It was super fun to try out my new Double Bob stroller that was given to us as a gift from Anita, Nate and GongGong and Poppy.  SO easy to push the weight of both of my boys, thanks guys, we love it!

Time to finish prepping a few things for dinner, switch a load of laundry and wait for my sweetie to come home.  Just a low key, perfect Spring Monday with my precious family.

Visit from Larmores

My dad left Tuesday morning and Wednesday night, Peter's sister Anita came to town!  Aunt Nita, Uncle Nate, Katie, Jack, and Mandy are moving from San Diego to Spokane and stopped by on their way.  We were very excited to see them, and so glad that they will be closer to us, only an 8 hour drive now!

We ate dinner Wednesday night and just caught up on life.  Thursday we had a low key morning, hit up Costco, went for a walk after naptime to see the neighborhood horse, ate more food and just enjoyed the sunshine.  Friday we went to a local park by the beautiful river and the kiddos enjoyed the playground and throwing lots and lots of rocks into the water while we enjoyed the beautiful sun!  We came home for lunch and a quick nap, then headed to the Splash water park for an evening of swimming.  Everyone swam for nearly 4 hours, only stopping briefly to enjoy our picnic dinner.  Saturday morning we ate a big breakfast, then Anita and Nate packed up their stuff for their next stop in Seattle.  We ate a yummy lunch at a local burger joint then stopped for a delicious ice cream treat before finally saying goodbye.  It was sad to see them go but we are grateful that it won't be too long before we see them again soon.  Thanks for coming Larmores, we love you!

Visit from Grandfather

The day after we got back from Portland, Grandfather came to visit!  Aunt Natasha and her kiddos came too.  The boys were super excited to see them, my dad is so great about playing with them and usually has some new fun toy he's found at Goodwill or a garage sale.  Ben and Jonah got hang out with cousins for a little bit on Saturday night, then we had a family dinner on Sunday night to celebrate Grandfather's birthday.  On Monday, Grandfather came over to spend the day with the boys.  He played a new Batman video game with Benjamin, went with us to Pizza Hut buffet, played Star Wars in the backyard, pushed them on the swings and read them lots of books.  Both boys were sad that he had to go home the next day and we're looking forward to when he can visit again, maybe this time moving near here for good!

Portland Fun

Last week Peter had the opportunity to take a 3 day training course through his work, so we tagged along to have some Portland fun while Daddy worked!

We dropped Peter off early Tuesday morning and then headed off to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.  I had a membership to both that museum and the Children's museum, so we were all set for some free fun.  We spent all morning playing with all the fun exhibits.  And I got to see my good friend Heather!  So random to see her there but so good to catch up.  We took a break for some lunch, the boys got a quick nap in the car while I got a Starbucks, then we headed back to the museum for a few more hours of fun before picking up Peter downtown.  A yummy dinner at the 'stinky' restaurant as Ben called it (crab house!), and swimming at the hotel capped off the first day!

Jonah did not sleep well the first night so I was having my patience stretched thin by 8am that morning.  We took Peter to his training, Jonah napped in the car (all before 9am - little man was tired!), then we arrived at the Portland Children's Museum.  The boys had a blast playing.  We left around lunchtime, ate a quick meal then headed back to the hotel so the boys could nap in a bed which was very much needed that afternoon.  2 hours later I woke those sleepy boys up so we could go play with trains at ToysRUs before having to go pick up Daddy.  Cheesecake Factory and more swimming finished the day.

Our final day we had breakfast at the hotel again then packed up our room while Peter was at his class.  Then we headed back to OMSI for some more fun.  Panera for lunch, then a bit more museum before picking up Peter and heading home.  Jonah slept on the way home, Ben played the Ipad and Peter and I chatted.  We got home and ate some leftovers, bathed the boys and all crashed early.  It had been a super fun 3 days but boy were we tired!  We loved that Peter let us tag along on his little trip, the boys had a wonderful time :-)

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