Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We LOVE Summer 2015

When our house was on the market.....

I wrote this post at the end of April 2015 when we first put our home on the market.........

This morning a photographer came to our house to take pictures for our listing.  Yes, we have decided to try to sell our house.  We've always talked about trying to find a place just outside of town and Peter and I both sort of separately started really thinking about it.  We found a place we really liked but unfortunately an offer without a house sale contingency got placed on it first.  But, that got us thinking that maybe it would be a possibility to find something we liked.  And when we looked at how our neighborhood is slowly changing with new construction we thought it might be a good time to find a bigger lot and maybe capitalize on our investment in this home.

So, once we talked with a realtor things have happened super fast.  We spent this past weekend working like crazy to get it ready for showings.  All those jobs that you always talk about finishing but never do.....yeah, well, those need to get done when you sell a house.  Touch up paint, nailing down a few baseboards, cleaning blinds, etc.  Goodness, we are exhausted.  But I guess the way we're looking at it is that we're going to put our best foot forward when listing the house and if God brings us a buyer then we'll know we're supposed to sell now.  It's a little nerve-wrecking to think that we don't have a house we're moving to, and really, there isn't anything we're super interested in on the market at the moment, but that's where trust comes into play.

We know God is in control and He will shut the doors he doesn't want and open the ones He does.  We would be okay with having to live in a rental for a month or two if our house sold quickly and we didn't have a place.  And we're also okay to keep living in this house if we can't find the right buyer.  All the nerves that come with this whole process are manageable when you realize that His ways are perfect and we are confident He will guide our steps.

It's super exciting to think of finding a new home, but its also a bit emotional for me to think of leaving.  This has been our first house.  The house we bought and fixed up.  The house where we have brought home our 3 little boys home from the hospital.  It's easy to get caught up in seeing your house as a product when you are getting ready for staging, but now I have a moment of quietness and I look around and realize how much life has been lived in these walls for 6 years.  I'm sure it'll hit me even harder when we actually have an offer on our house and things become official, but it will definitely be a little hard for me to say goodbye.

And yet, I do know, now more than ever, that this house isn't what makes our home.  My husband, my boys, our family, our friends.....all doing life together is what makes any house a home.  I know that wherever we live next will just be a new address to enjoy more of this precious life God has given us.

Here's to trusting more and watching His plan unfold....

After having our home on the market for about 2 months we decided to take it off and stay put for awhile.  This was due to a few reasons, primarily because we weren't seeing any houses we were interested in moving to that we could afford.  And also, we didn't want to spend all summer dealing with house showings and missing all the fun that comes with having no schedule and 3 adorable boys.  It was quite the whirlwind experience.  We did get an offer on our house after a couple weeks but since we weren't dying to move we countered pretty aggressively and they didn't take it.  So just as quickly as we felt we should have put our home on the market, we felt God tell us to take it off.  And we have no idea why we felt compelled to try to sell it but we are content nonetheless.  It was quite comical sometimes dealing with house showings at random times (we ALWAYS had a showing whenever I would get done putting some kind of dough in the oven to rise).  We had a scheduling mishap between our realtor and the potential buyer's realtor that resulted in them touring our house with legos all over the kitchen, breakfast dishes everywhere, and us walking around the neighborhood while they toured.  Oh, and all 3 boys were getting over a horrible virus.  We had other showings where we took our boys who had been throwing up 2 days prior and pushed them around a park while they all napped in a stroller with a fever.  In hindsight its kind of funny, but it was definitely hard to get a text message that said 'can someone look at your house in 30 minutes' when you had 3 boys to get out of the house and pick up.  But I learned how to very efficiently tidy up and put perfectly fresh looking vacuum lines in my carpet, ha ha ha.  I'm writing this in October and now that we're a few months removed from the situation we are really grateful we didn't sell.  Although we loved the original house that prompted us to want to move, we also love our current neighborhood and the freedom our boys have to ride bikes and play with the neighbors.  And we're 3 minutes from where Ben goes to school and 3 minutes to our church, its super convenient and we are very grateful for it.

We are so fortunate to have this home and know it will be sad to leave whenever we really do sell, but for now, it is a wonderful place to spend our days!

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