Monday, September 30, 2013

ABC's of Summer

Since I still have a bunch of random pictures from the summer, and it's almost October (when.did.that.happen??) I thought I'd do a summer ABC recap.  I love looking back at pictures on this blog so bear with me on this big photo dump.

A - Accord

Amanda got some new wheels!

B - Birthday

     Auntie Amanda celebrated her 28th birthday on September 13th.  She requested "better than..." cake, and we happily obliged.  It was low key that night since they worked all day, but we headed to the coast the next morning, but I'll post those pictures later!

C - Choo Choo's

'Choo Choo's' as Jonah lovingly calls them, are one of my boys favorite pastimes.  I scored a killer deal on tons of new die-cast Thomas the Train 'choo choo's' and they are officially obsessed.  And its kinda adorable.

D - Daddy renamed 'Home'

Peter worked quite a few extra hours this summer and so whenever he would get home, we would all say "Look who's HOME!"  We loved having him walk through the door every time.  So Jonah started calling Peter 'Home'.  When he sees a picture of Peter he points to it and says 'home'.  He'll say 'I love you home' and 'Night night home' and 'Where's home?'  It started off as funny, but Jonah keeps doing it.  Only now he knows he's being stinky, so its sort of a game.  A really funny game.  And Peter's not working as much anymore so I guess I have Jonah's guilt trip to thank?  Ha ha ha.

E - Evening bike rides

We have more than got our moneys worth from our $20 garage sale find....a double bike trailer.  The boys loved it and we loved our bike rides.  And the boys in their helmets.....adorable!

F - Friends

We had quite a few fun times with friends.  We are so blessed to know them all.

G - Grumpy moments

Just so I remember that our summer wasn't just a bed of roses :-)

H - Hairstylin'

Perfecting our good looks!

I - Illness

Unfortunately we did have a few bouts of sickness, but nothing a bunch of Netflix and cuddles couldn't cure!

J - Just Us

One of the fun perks of having family living with you is free babysitting, woot woot!  Peter and I did manage to sneak away a couple times for some 'Just Us' time

K - Keeping food in your mouth

Keeping food in your mouth....which results in a timeout in the corner until your food is gone.  Oh Jonah!

L - Lazy mornings

We had such a full schedule with my sister starting her own business so when we had the opportunity, we enjoyed a lazy morning at home

M - Moments

This summer is full of lots of moments.  Sweet, perfect, brother bonding moments.  That I will always remember.

N - Nana

Oh how the boys have loved having their Nana with them this summer.  Jonah is obsessed.

O - OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry)

Sunday afternoon at OMSI (with a slice of cheesecake afterwards?)  Perfect day.  Our boys love it there.

P - Parks & a Praying Mantis

Lots of time and energy was spent at the park, and Ben so happily made a new friend in our backyard

Q - Quick Jab

Just enjoying my thrift store find.....spiderman gloves.  Best dime spent!

R - Races

Ben has mastered his tricycle and has now mastered his big boy bike (with training wheels too!)  I'm a proud mama

S - Sleepover

Ben was so excited to use his own suitcase when he went to spend the night at Micah's.  And Jonah insisted on having his own backpack even though he was staying home with me!

T - Techies

My boys are doomed.  With all the laptops and electronics in our house, they are bound to be a bit geeky :-)

U - Undies

Jonah loves to wear Ben's undies.  And apparently is comfortable enough to wear them outside the house.  Work it Jonah, work it.

V - Violet

Jonah also wore Haddie's pajamas.  And undies.  All while Haddie hysterically laughed.  Oh my sweet boy.

W - Washing the car

Benjamin loved washing our van for Daddy

X - Xtra family time

Y - Yogurt Time

Sometimes you just have to say yes

Z - who can come up with one that starts with Z?  I give up :-)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

No Words

There are no words for this picture.  Just tears.  Happy tears.  Sad tears.  Reminiscing tears.  Proud tears.

Family at the Fair

Since my mom and sister are staying with us this summer as they set-up their daycare, my Dad wanted to come for a visit (since their home in Idaho hasn't sold yet!)  So he brought my SIL Natasha and her boys for a 4 day visit.

The biggest reason they came out was so Dad could drive out their huge U-Haul trucks' worth of daycare stuff.  Goodness they had a lot.  But they've been storing up things for years until they could finally open up their own center.  So it was pretty exciting to see it 'roll into town' so they could take that next step.

We did however manage to squeeze in some fun.  We went to the local fairgrounds one afternoon and the boys were pretty excited.  Even though we don't ride the rides because they are kinda pricey, we still had a blast.  They LOVED the animals, they rode the ponies, watched a (kinda lame) magic show, and walked around exhibits (i.e. ate a lot of candy)  Afterward we hit up the local ice cream place for yummy cones before calling it a day.  We all had a lot of fun!

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