Saturday, November 15, 2014

Tummy bug

It was probably inevitable, but the first tummy bug hit our house a couple weeks ago.  We had avoided it while it made the rounds at our church, but we only avoided it for so long!  Monday Benjamin was acting kind of whiny and tired, but they had had a long weekend so I wasn't too surprised.  Especially with the time change happening that weekend.  He didn't want to eat a lot of dinner so after a few bites we didn't make him.  I honestly thought he was just tired though.

An hour or so later he wanted to sit by Mommy on the couch.  And sure enough, two minutes later, I instinctively caught most of his upset tummy in my hands to prevent it from spreading all over the floor.  Fun fun.

Poor sweet boy got cleaned up, but ended up throwing up 3 more times in the next few hours.  We had him sleep in our room on the floor so we could take care of him.  He was so sweetly pathetic and sick and my heart just broke from him, I wanted to make him better!!!

We Lysol'd everything and anything, washed our hands a billion times and tried to keep the boys away from each other as much as we could.  And thank you Lord, Benjamin was the only one to get sick.  And it didn't last terribly long so we were so, so grateful.

I just hate when my kiddos are sick.  Hopefully the tummy bug has officially left the building.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Trick or Treat 2014

Our boys have been looking forward to trick or treating for a few weeks leading up to Halloween.  We're not super into the scary part of Halloween, but its fun to watch them dress up and of course, they love the candy!

They had been talking about wanting to be Captain America and the Hulk, which was great because we had one of those costumes already and were borrowing one from a friend.  But in true kiddo fashion, they changed their minds and wanted to wear another one of their dress up costumes.  Fine with us!!!  So, we had a family of a cowboy, a fireman and a baby giraffe.  I'm biased but they were stinkin cute!

The boys loved having Auntie Amanda and Nana join us this year!! 

this is what Ethan thought when he realized he wasn't getting any candy!! 

 His sadness didn't last long though!

 Benjamin helped pass out candy once we arrived back home!

 showing off his moves for Nana

 Peter's carving handiwork....Flash and Batman were requested

 soon, the sugar rush hit their little bodies and they went nuts!!  Auntie Amanda wrapped them up like pretzels over and over while they jumped around this crazy.

Loving the attention and candy, a boys dream!

A fun evening was had by all.....and who doesn't love leftover Halloween candy??? :-)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

A day at the pumpkin patch

Our boys love going to the pumpkin patch, but our weekends just filled up too quickly in October for us to be able to go as a family.  So I got brave one morning and spontaneously decided to take the boys by myself.  When I told the boys the news, they were delighted!  And thankfully, Ethan did pretty well going with the flow.

It was a gorgeous day and though it was muddy from rain the previous weekend, the atmosphere was just perfect.  And the boys probably loved having the mud, in fact, I know they did!

We were super sad Daddy couldn't come with us, but I was grateful to spend a few hours making sweet memories with my boys!

Sunshine, pumpkins, boys happily running through mud, apple cider was a beautiful day spent with my precious boys!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Random bits of life

*  Our boys love superheros, and I love watching them use their imagination to fight bad guys and rescue whoever or whatever is around them.  So cute!

*  Each of their boys has their own beloved Floppy, stuffed dog.  However, we somehow managed to lose Ethan's in his first two months of life.  At least we still have Ethan right?  So we bought another one off Amazon so the bonding can continue :-)

*  Friday nights are usually movie night in our house.  We love the low key evening spent together.  We usually get a pizza and the boys get popcorn with candy in the bottom.  I have a feeling its going to be little moments like this that I will miss the most when they are older!

Do you like how we keep it classy with the paint sheet underneath them?  Gotta protect that carpet :-) 

This is how Ethan ends up most movie nights :-)

*  Peter and I have been talking lately about how sad it is that our boys are growing up.  Time.please.stand.still

*  Peter got brave last Sunday and took the boys to a brass quintent concert at our church one evening.  He said the boys did good for awhile and it slowly went downhill, with Jonah saying "oh poop, oh poop" over and over.  Boys will be boys right??  Good thing it was a low key event!

*  I was telling Jonah the other day that I wanted him to stay little and not grow up.  And he said no, I have to get bigger.  Of course that made me frown.  And then he pointed to the wrinkles on my forehead and said, I'm going to get bigger and get some of those.  Meaning my wrinkles.  Oh sweet boy, thanks sooo much for noticing!!

*  We went with friends to a local waterpark and Ethan had his first little swim.  He liked it pretty well and the older boys loved it....they swam for 5 hours!

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