Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trick or Treat 2015

This year it poured on Halloween.  We hit a few stretches of houses before it dumped rain but mostly, it was wet.  Which meant we had tons of leftover candy and it was a really slow night.  The boys had fun and didn't care that they didn't get alot.  It was still a fun evening.  A few days before we carved pumpkins while Daddy was away for the day.....though the boys got grossed out and didn't help that much.

Preschool at the pumpkin patch

One of the other moms in our church had the great idea to start a little preschool group for the kids in our church as an alternative to having to pay for preschool.  We take turns doing the curriculum/activities and we have loved it.  Jonah looooves going and Ethan loves it now too.  At first he was not loving the attention not being focused on him, but now he loves it.  And Jonah is learning lots as well as getting lots of play time with the boys from church.  On this particular day we decided to head to a local pumpkin patch and the boys had fun.

Running out of room in the tub

Bath time = crazy time = you should probably wear a raincoat = tub of laughter = we need a bigger tub

Date hike & dinner at the park

Peter and I were able to sneak away for a few hours one Saturday for a quick hike in Corvallis.  We picked up some pitas and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and uninterrupted conversation!

One evening it was so beautiful out and since we had no other plans we headed out for a dinner at a local park.  The boys love being outside and it was a fun break to our normal routine.

Movie nights & Saturday mornings

As we all began to adjust to the schedules that come with the school year, we came to looove Friday night movie nights and lazy Saturday mornings.  A low key dinner together on Friday night and relaxing on Saturday are just what we need usually after a long week.

Typical bedtime

This is a typical bedtime routine at our house.  The boys are starving and need a snack of Wheat Thins.  They always dog pile on Daddy.  Clothes for the next day on the stair railing.  Three boys and their beloved Floppys.  It's a wonderful life.

Learning to ride a bike

Right at the end of summer, we finally convinced Ben to try really hard to learn to ride a two wheeler.  He loves just running around with Jonah so he's never had a huge desire to learn, but once he could get over his fear he learned pretty quickly.  Just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling, look straight.  Over and over, Daddy taught him until he learned.  We have the greatest video of him learning to ride and it melt my heart every time I watch it.  I won't upload it here but here are a few pictures of our big boy riding his big boy bike.

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