Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cute baby overalls

I love 3 day weekends.  We're not doing anything too out of the ordinary but it's just nice to know that I still have another day tomorrow to spend time with Peter!  Friday night we just BBQ'd some chicken and watched Invictus after little guy went to bed.  Saturday we slept in a bit, hit a few garage sales and a habitat for humanity re-store and made a Costco run.  We found some tile at the re-store and are thinking about maybe a new backsplash for our kitchen, maybe?  Saturday evening we also cleaned and re-organized our garage....yes, we live terribly exciting lives.  Today was church, and it was a great message.  I'm still going over the text and the lessons in my head and was really convicted and challenged from it, so I'll have to post more on that later. 
Benjamin was really excited to model the overalls mommy found for 50 cents this weekend!
Can you even believe how big he's getting?
I'm beginning to realize that the whole "I'm not going to look at the camera when I'm supposed to" mentality starts very young!  :-)
I love how he's smiling at his daddy in these pictures!

I really need to stop blogging, as it is my delay tactic to not go work out on the treadmill.  It is sooo much more comfortable on my couch looking at cute pics of my baby.  If only I could burn calories simply by smiling at Benjamin's smile.  Off to exercise.....

Friday, May 28, 2010

Things that make me happy!

One of the blogs I read, Kelly's Korner, has a Show Us Your Life party every Friday.  This week's theme is "Things that make you happy".  I've never linked up before but I thought I'd join this week because I have SO many things that make me happy.

*  Being married to my best friend
* Being a mommy to my pride and joy Benjamin
* Spending time with all my family
* traveling to fun places with Peter
* playing piano for church while everyone sings praises to our Lord
* finding a great deal at a garage sale
* Starbucks lattes
* finding a great dessert recipe
* lazy Sunday afternoons
* camping
* my church family and small group
* sending and receiving thank you notes in the mail
* the feeling you have after a great workout
* my son's smiles and chubby legs

* random acts of kindness
* a clean house
* the ocean
* sleeping in
* seeing God answer prayers
* fresh flowers
* fresh fruit
* my husband's dancing skills :-)
* Partylite candles
 * spending quality time in God's Word
* word games
* getting your hair shampooed by a professional before a haircut
* sitting around a campfire
* the mints they give you after you eat at Olive Garden
* a full fridge right after grocery shopping
* coupons
* chocolate chip cookies

This list goes on and on....I have so much to be thankful for and so many things that make me happy.  But, I am reminded that true happiness, joy, and contentment can only be found in our Savior.
1 Timothy 6:6-8
But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into the world, and we can take nothing out of it. But if we have food and clothing, we will be content with that

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Look who is just, for lack of a better word, THRIVING!

Yep.  He's thriving.  He's deliciously, want to eat his little chub, thriving.

WARNING:  This next picture is so stinkin' cute it may either cause your heart to stop or leave you with an incredible urge to reach out and pinch your computer screen.

It's even funnier when you click on the picture to enlarge see just how amused Benjamin is with himself in all his glory.  It's any wonder how there's not permanent pinch marks on that little bum :-)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tired Boy Tuesday

Benjamin had a typical afternoon nap.  He slept for 35 minutes, then cried off and on for 35 minutes then slept 1 1/2 hours.  So when he started whimpering I went to go get him because it was time for him to eat.  I went in and talked to him, he smiled, I picked him up and carried him downstairs with his Floppy.  When I sat down on the couch with him on my lap, I reached forward to take the cap off the bottle and when I looked again, Benjamin was out.  His eyes were closed and I couldn't believe he'd fallen asleep again.  Okay, okay....5 more minutes I thought.  HA!  This little booger slept another 55 minutes in my arms.  It was so precious.  He must be growing!  He woke up to have some dinner, enjoy some tummy time and some wrestling with Daddy.  I'm enjoying a nice cup of hot lemon tea and trying not to think about the ice cream in my freezer that I'm NOT eating (Mama needs to FINALLY lose the rest of the baby weight!)

Daddy finally got to see Benjamin roll over in person!  He is so intentional now and leans over while trying to flip his little leg over.  The secret to getting him to hold his head up so  Little guy must like Cash Cab, ha.

1.........2..........3.........PIN!  And Benjamin wins :-)

Rolling over video

Here's a quick video of Benjamin rolling over....his rolling over is becoming much more intentional than accidental.  He does a little "did you see me roll over?" victory dance at the end :-)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Series Finale

Today is a bit of a sad day in our household.  It was the series finale of "24".  Watching "24" every Monday night is what we have always done during the winter/spring of each's the perfect excuse to make a dessert and enjoy time together.  But the series has come to an end.  All we have to look forward to now is the movie they're apparently making.  I'm still not sure what I think of the finale was weird how Jack turned sort of bad toward the end.  Anyway, it's kind of sad that we won't hear the tick, tick, tick of each episode every Monday.  Now rest assured that Benjamin does NOT watch the show with us, but he loves tv.  He turns his head anytime it's on, which is very rare during the day while he's awake, but he loves it and will stare and watch.  So tonight we let him watch the first couple minutes of the finale....
Don't worry though, he went to bed before any violence occurred!

The rest of the day was low key.  Since we cleaned all yesterday afternoon we were able to relax a bit.  We went on a Wal-Mart run, had leftover Poppyseed Chicken and corn on the cob for dinner and gave Benjamin a long bath before he went to bed.  I was finally able to catch him rolling over on video so I'll have to post that as soon as I get a chance.  We also took some bathtime video which is pretty cute.
Here's a few recent pics of my little guy who is growing up WAY TOO FAST!!!!!
 All ready for church
Oh Mommy, you're silly
Mommy and Daddy were laughing at how "dorky" I looked in my pj's when we returned movies on Sunday night
Tummy time fun!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Discovering his voice

So, apparently we're going to have quite a chatter box on our hands!  Benjamin is really starting to "talk" to us and is constantly babbling on about something :-)  This afternoon Peter and I cleaned our entire house and while we were cleaning, Benjamin played in his exersaucer and on his playmat.  I took a little video of him "talking" away!  (Sorry in advance for the wobbly video photography - I'm still getting used to it.  Also, the last 20 seconds he's not talking but I haven't figured out the video editing either!)  Our little guy is so fun and so loved!  Enjoy!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Short and Sweet

This post is going to be a quick one!  
Mostly to apologize to the relatives for the lack of Benjamin pictures lately, we've been really busy, but more on that later.  I'm also about to watch a movie with my love and enjoy some red velvet cake :-)  
Here's a couple pictures of my cutie.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I spy a sleeping baby!

When I looked at the baby monitor during Benjamin's afternoon nap, this is what I saw...
He will often put his hands above his head, though he's usually nuzzled up to Floppy.  You can see Floppy Part 2 (the 2nd Floppy I bought for him to use while the original Floppy is being washed) up in the corner.  He didn't want much to do with him while Floppy Part 1 was being washed this morning. 

Daddy came home and wanted to watch Benjamin on the big tv.  So when Benjamin woke up we showed him Mommy and Daddy's secret....we're always watching!!!  I think he felt like his privacy was a little violated. 
 "Can't a guy just nap in peace" he thought.  Well, no.  You're too stinkin' cute for us not to watch you all the time.  And we want to make sure you're safe and well because we love you to pieces.
Snuggling with Daddy right before bedtime.  It took Mommy quite awhile to convince Daddy to let me go to sleep...I think he kinda likes me :-)
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