Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The past week in pictures

This past week has been mostly "routine" with a few fun things!  Jonah is still eating every 3 hours all day and night so I'm feeling a little tired if I'm being honest.  I'm looking forward to getting some longer stretches of sleep soon!

Here's a few pictures from this past week...

 Mommy was giving Jonah a little reading time the other day...hopefully he'll love books as much as his big brother!
 Benjamin loooves to help me's sometimes a help to me :-)
 giving me his best "I'm innocent" face!!
 Benjamin got to paint his wooden helicopter, he had a blast!
 Saturday mornings sure have changed for us in the past 2 years.  Now it's usually 7am stories and milk in Mommy & Daddy's bed :-)
 Jonah and I were blessed with a shower thrown by our friends at church.  We were spoiled by sweet gifts but even more so by the great time together.  I so much enjoyed the goodies and laughter I had with my friends....I only wish we could do it more often.  And it was SO GOOD to see you Heather!!!!
 whenever Benjamin finds these bells he insists that we both sing "Jingle Bells" multiple times and dance around together!
 Benjamin loves Jonah but isn't a huge fan of holding him yet!
 Daddy making him laugh through his tears while Mommy tries (rather unsuccessfully) to get a picture of my boys before church
"okay Mommy, I smiled, can you take him from me now??"

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thursday Randoms

First off, guess who turned 1 month old yesterday??  Can you even believe it?  It's different with your second baby because you know just how fast time flies by before they're not babies anymore.
 he's really filling out his "coming home" outfit now!!
 I think his eyes will stay blue
finally getting a bit of chub to his thighs.  I weighed him this morning and he's probably about 8lbs 3ounces!

Happy 1 month baby boy, you are the most precious addition to our family.

Last night Jonah did great and slept the whole night in the bassinet part of the playpen.  Of course, he still woke up to eat every 3 hours but I was just really excited that he slept in his own "crib" in our room and not in our bed.  Of course, now that I've actually typed this out he will scream all tonight until we hold him, ha :-)

This beautiful card was made by one of Peter's co-workers with a gift they gave to Jonah.  She is a huge scrapbooker and super talented at making amazing crafty things look easy.  Thanks Abby!

I got Peter an early birthday present....

A Kindle touch!! 

I've been wanting to get him one forever because he kept talking about how much he thought he would enjoy one, so I finally found one on craigslist for a steal of a deal!  The boys and I drove to get it a few days ago and Peter is loving it.  He deserves a fun new toy, he is the greatest hubby and daddy!

This morning the boys and I went on a long walk.  Since we don't have a double stroller yet I pushed Benjamin in the stroller and carried Jonah in the Baby Bjorn front pack.  I have to be getting at least some exercise pushing a 33lb boy and carrying an over 8lb baby right??

Peter and I have watched the first episode of "Downton Abbey".  We keep hearing about it and so far it's pretty good, we'll see if we get into it.  It's hard to stay up later these days to want to want tv.  Mama needs her sleep :-)

That's all I got.  Loving the sunshine today!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Morning at the library

This morning I took the boys to the library.  Benjamin was over the moon excited.  He seriously loves the library.  He couldn't wait to get there!

We spent over an hour enjoying the fun kids section.

It was fun to get out and enjoy a fun morning doing something Benjamin truly enjoys.

And here's my sweet Jonah this morning....

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Low key weekend

Thursday and Friday were kind of long days for me so I was really grateful for the weekend.  Friday night we ate leftovers then Jonah and I went to our EPIC girls Bible study.  We studied the story of Rahab, had root beer floats and played games.  Jonah was a great little boy the whole night!

Saturday was low key.  We went to a few thrift stores in the morning, Benjamin took a much needed long nap, then we went to WinCo for groceries and Panera Bread for dinner, yummy!

Today we spent the morning at church.  I played piano with the worship team again after taking some time off and it was really nice to play again, I missed it.  Benjamin does great in Sunday school and children's church and Jonah slept through the service, it was perfect!  This afternoon was spent with Benjamin napping, Mommy trying to nap but Jonah being awake enough to keep Mommy from napping.  Daddy played volleyball at church for a bit.  Then I went to Wal-Mart with Benjamin on a "date" and he bought me some Thin Mint ice cream that we're going to enjoy here in a bit.  I bought him some M&M's.  It's nice to have little moments here and there for just Ben and I.

I wish tomorrow wasn't Monday morning again but hopefully it'll be a great week.
Here's a few quick pictures...

 Jonah looooved riding in the laundry basket with our warm down comforter right out of the dryer :-)
 he was so cozy and slept there for about an hour!
 tonight before bed Jonah was crying which kind of made a tired Benjamin cry, so of course I had to take a picture!
 ohhhhh, life with two boys.  Let's just say we don't live in a quiet house.  But they are adorable even when they're crying :-)
all better, no more tears.  Ready for some night night song time together!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The good. The bad.

The good.....Jonah slept in until 9:30 this morning
The bad....he was up every 2 to 2 1/2 hours last night

The good....Benjamin stayed in bed when he woke up this morning
The bad....he woke up a bit before 7am and was cranky because he didn't fall asleep until 10pm the night before

The good....Julia came over for awhile today and brought Benjamin a smoothie and a vanilla latte for me
The bad.....well, there's nothing bad about that!

The good....Jonah was really calm at the doctors today
The bad.....he was at the doctors for a circumcision and is really fussy tonight

The good....tomorrow is finally Friday
The bad....I should probably avoid chocolate completely tomorrow because I've eaten enough today to last a week :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gaining weight!

I'm super proud of my little Jonah, he's had a great week of growing!
He had a weight check-up this morning and he is now just about 7lbs 4ounces.  He has gained 11 ounces in 1 week!!!  The average is about 5-8ounces so he's doing great.  It's such a relief and accomplishment to have a healthy, growing baby while breastfeeding.  We're hitting a stride and I'm so grateful :-)

is he not just adorable!???!?!

And this guy..........well, he's just nuts.  I don't know what to do with him :-)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Peter and I don't usually go too crazy for Valentine's Day, probably because I can't stand the fact that flowers are $40 a dozen today, but will go back to $9.99 next week.  I'd much rather save that money and go for a nice dinner sometime!  Peter did bring me a Starbucks latte this morning which was super appreciated :-)

Today, the boys and I just hung out at home in the morning.  Jonah slept a lot today so Benjamin and I had some extra play time.  I'm pretty sure Benjamin is getting the last of his molars because he's drooling a lot and has his finger in his mouth constantly. 

 blowing you a Valentine's Day kiss!!
trying to do a push up :-)

I love his precious face!

Both of the boys were spoiled with sweet cards from their Grandfather, Nana and Auntie Amanda.  Thanks for thinking of them!!
 Thanks to Nana, Grandfather and Auntie Amanda, Benjamin thinks every box or piece of mail is a present to him, ha ha ha!
 a card!!!
Jonah was a little less enthusiastic but just as appreciative!!

We ran to Safeway in the afternoon and I could hardly stifle my laughs at how many men were picking up flowers for their gals after work.  I had never seen so many middle aged men in a grocery store at 5pm in my life :-)

We ate chicken curry for dinner, then gave the boys a bath.  We're getting them to bed on time tonight because we rented a movie, The 5th Quarter.
We're planning on a little ice cream and sparkling cider and just some relaxing time together.  Perfect Valentine's Day.

I had asked Peter not to spend money on a card this year and he agreed, but he still made sure to make me feel loved and appreciated.  This morning, about every 20 minutes or so, he sent me an email with a different thing he loved about me.  They were thoughtful, genuine, funny, and kind.  That subtle romance in my husband makes me adore him and reminds me how lucky I am.  I love you sweetie, Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

My Boys

I live in a household of boys.  And I'm happily outnumbered.

 Daddy took Benjamin out to play with a helicopter yesterday
 its hard to take newborn pics by yourself, but here's Jonah all dressed up for church (the socks/shoes came after the picture!)
 so fun to watch him grow
 my spunky, loveable Benjamin
 Benjamin was so proud that he covered Jonah with his blanket and shared his Floppy with him
 of course, keeping it real for you all, he promptly took them back when he laid down next to him :-)
 sweet brother moments
love my boys!

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