Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I am tired.  Peter had the day off today because he's been working so many crazy hours so despite the fact that we slept in a little, we rearranged furniture in a few of our rooms and now I'm tired.  It was also Day 2 of our VBS.  Peter and I have combined groups because it's easier for us to manage all the kids and Benjamin at the same time.  But between taking care of our little guy and the 17 kids in our group.....Shew!  They all get sack lunches for their dinner before we start and I'd like to know what crazy lady gave them all oranges that needed to be peeled and mayo and mustard packets that needed to be opened for their sandwiches.  My fingers were burning from all the peeling....pure craziness.  But all worth it though!

Of course Peter was at his fun game again tonight and here's the result....
Really Dad?  Must you get your laughs at my expense?

Okay okay, so I think it's funny that I make such a "pretty" boy too :-)

Here's a few pics of my cutie PRE-make-up!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Like Father, Like Son

Well, tonight was Day 1 of our VBS at church.  
Here's what happens when Mommy leaves Benjamin with Daddy for a few minutes in the craft marketplace.....

My goofy, lovable dorks.  Like father, like son.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What we've been up to!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, we've been busy!  Here's a quick recap...

Thursday:  I took off for Portland with my friend Kristen.  We were staying with her sister in law Jenny.  Peter had already worked all his hours for the week so he took care of little guy while I was gone.  It was SO weird not having my baby with me, I really didn't like it.  I thought I had it all together and had all of my crying done, but when it actually came time to leave I lost it again.  Oh well, I just love my little guy!

Friday:  Kristen and I hit about 40-45 garage sales!!  Awesome!  There was a huge neighborhood sale and we had a blast.  We had Kristen's van with only the drivers and front passenger seat, the rest were gone so we had room.  We both found a few things on our "lists".  I almost bought a queen bed set but when I realized we couldn't fit it in her van I backed out.  The lady really wanted me to buy it and must have thought we looked sweet and innocent because she offered to let ME drive her practically brand new Yukon Denali SUV down to Lebanon (1 1/2 hours away) and return it the next day.  Are you kidding me???  I would have died driving her $50,000 leather interior, pimped out car....petrified I was going to get in an accident.  Needless to say, it was hilarious and makes for a great story!

While I was gone Peter took EXCELLENT care of Benjamin.  They had such a good time together complete with going to a friends t-ball game, bathtime, pooltime, story time, exersaucer, playmat, porch swing, and they even went to the park together....he even took pictures!  Peter is a great dad and knowing he was well taken care of and that Peter loves to be with him, made it so I could have a good time.  Don't get me wrong though, when I got home it was all I could do to not squeeze my baby to death.  SO GOOD to be back!

Saturday:  We slept in some because we were all exhausted, then Peter wanted to hit some local garage sales since he missed out on the fun.  We lazily made it out of the house and ended up finding a few things we actually needed (and a few cute clothes for next summer for Benjamin!)  After lunch we headed to Elijah's 6th bday party.  I can't believe he's that big!  It's fun to watch the little guy grow up...though it was definitely eye opening to be at a party with 8 6-year old boys, ha!  We stayed for dinner at the Zderads where they treated us to steak and potatoes, YUM.  We gave Benjamin a bath, kicked back for a bit then went to bed.

Sunday:  We had church this morning and it was a great message.  I'm really hoping to spend this week reflecting on how God doesn't give us what we deserve but instead lavishes His grace upon us!
After church we went to Pizza Hut buffet for a quick lunch then came home so Benjamin could nap.  He didn't nap but 10 minutes the whole morning at church.  He is getting SO loud, it's hard to keep him quiet anymore.  He doesn't cry or fuss, he just makes lots of noises and talks...it's pretty cute.
This afternoon we played basketball with a guy from church.  Once again we almost died but it was still really fun.  Then we had a VBS meeting since VBS is all this week.  Now we're tired, sore and ready to kick back.  I think we might watch a few episodes of "24" Season 3 via Netflix.  

It's going to be another busy week with VBS and then a trip to Idaho this weekend.  I think I'm up for it, we'll see!  Benjamin has been SO happy lately, he just makes Peter and I smile.  We kinda like him :-)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exersaucer Fun!

It's been a busy but good week.  Peter has been working tons so I've been on my own a lot....Benjamin has been so good though!  I've been so grateful that he's been so happy, and I've really just enjoyed my time with him.  I love being at home with him.

He's really starting to love his exersaucer.  He'd always sit in it for a little while, but now he really plays with the toys.  I'd spend lots of time trying to show him how each one worked and it just seemed like it's beginning to click and it's so fun to watch.

Our mornings together are so fun, he's my sweet little guy!

We waited on the front porch for Daddy to come home for lunch.  Benjamin loves lunch time with Daddy!

It was so warm today, I thought about letting Benjamin swim again in his little pool, but when I went out at lunch to see how dirty the water was, I found this.....
A frog!!  Benjamin would have had a little swimming friend :-)
So yes, I will definitely clean out the pool before he swims again!

This afternoon we walked to A&W where I enjoyed a 99cent root beer float, Benjamin took a lukewarm bath to cool down from the warmth, then he napped in his porch swing in the shade while I did my devotions.
He's so precious while he sleeps.

Tomorrow I am taking off for Portland with my friend Kristen.  We are going to spend all day Friday going to a huge neighborhood/city garage sale.  Peter has been working so much so he's taking the day off to spend time with our little guy.  I've been looking forward to going for quite awhile (its my bday present) but now that it's here I'm dying.  I've never left my sweet baby overnight and I've just been crying thinking about not being with him.  I know he'll be well taken care of but I'm having such a hard time right now.  I hope I'm able to let go of him tomorrow when it comes time to leave.  Because right now, honestly, I'm having a bit of a panic attack!  Okay, enough blogging for now...I need to go snuggle my love bug!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dinner at the Park

**Pictures in this post brought to you by a little boy who refuses to look at the camera!**

Peter is really busy finishing a big project at work so he has to work really late tonight.  We decided to pack a picnic dinner and join Daddy for a quick dinner in the park by his office.

It was a bit windy but it was beautiful, sunny and about 74 degrees.  Hooray for nice weather, finally!
It was really nice to spend time with Peter on a pleasant evening.  As I noted before, Benjamin really refused to look at the camera for any pictures so my selection was quite limited.  He was far more interested in looking at all the activities and kids at the park.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Today we celebrated all the wonderful dads in our lives!
Peter and I both have great fathers who we love and respect.  We are so grateful for them and want them to know how much we love them and appreciate them.
Happy Father's Day to you both :-)

It was this day last year that we told Peter's family we were expecting Benjamin!  Crazy how fast a year goes!

Benjamin wanted to make sure to give his daddy a special card for his special day

He also wanted to make sure he looks extra snazzy for his favorite guy!
It's like he's saying, "See the tie ladies?  I clean up well."

Peter is such an amazing father to Benjamin.  He is patient, loving, and truly enjoys playing with him.  They are going to have so much fun learning things together in years to come.  Benjamin is a lucky guy!
I think it's pretty obvious in this picture what these two think of each other!

I cooked pepper steak with rice, cauliflower/carrots with almonds, strawberries and grapes, and sourdough bread for Peter's Father's Day lunch.  
 We spent the afternoon talking with family, playing with our little guy and lounging around.
I think Benjamin was perfectly content chillin' with his daddy.

After Benjamin goes to bed we are going to watch some old "24" episodes and eat some mint brownies I made covered in chocolate sauce and ice cream.  YUMMY!

Happy Father's Day Peter, we are simply crazy about you

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