Friday, September 23, 2016

More winter randoms

Valentines Day dinner cooked by Peter!

Peter surprised me for Valentine's Day and told me that he was going to take care of dinner.  Which included the shopping, the menu planning, and all the cooking.  So sweet and thoughtful.

The kiddos went to bed and he finished up the rest of the menu.  He had worked on a few things during the afternoon since Valentine's Day was on a Sunday.  I was really impressed with everything he was doing....I was told to get a book and wait upstairs until it was finished.

That was, until I heard the fire alarm.  HA!  I realized that he needed a bit of help because he was using a cast iron skillet and it got a bit too hot and there was a bit of a flame.  Luckily, the boys completely slept through the smoke alarm and we opened all the windows the ventilate and problem was solved!

It was a low key night at home with an incredibly delicious meal.  I was seriously impressed and I plan on making him cook it for me again.  Yum!  Thanks sweetheart, the food was seriously so good and the thoughtfulness was even more appreciated.  Love you!

Happy 6th Birthday Ben!!

Benjamin Daniel, you are the boy who first made me a mama and it is nothing but joy getting to raise you.  You are the perfect first boy in our family.  You are vocal, you are really smart, you love to learn, you have a great imagination, you are creative, you are cuddly, you are beyond sweet, you have a great memory, you are insightful, you are an incredible brother, you are mama's little love bug and the apple of your daddy's eye.

I cannot believe 6 years have come and gone since you were born.  I absolutely adore you learning new things and conquering new skills and concepts, but I also despise it because I know it brings a new independence which means less dependence on your mama.  So, sweet boy, I am so proud of you but I would freeze time if I could....but since I can't, I will be with you every step of the way with my hand in yours whenever you need me.

We celebrated your birthday with your classmates by sharing Krispy Kreme donuts.  After school you opened a few presents, including the Clone Wars, and some fun Star Wars stuff from your Auntie and Nana.  We had our small group that evening so we celebrated with some oreo ice cream cake there with your best buddy Micah, who you share a birthday with.  It was the perfect night for you getting to play with your friends!

My Benny, you will always be my favorite part of the movie.  Each day with you is full of joy and learning and love and I just adore you.  Happy 6th Birthday buddy!

Great Wolf Lodge Take 2!!!

Our family has found a fun little winter getaway that works great for us.  Great Wolf Lodge!  Our boys are little fish and spend all day in the water, its not that far from our house, and is the perfect way to get some quality time together in the middle of the winter blues.

We headed out 2 days before Ben's birthday and we were sooo excited.  When we arrived we discovered that the boys were going to be gifted free ice cream anytime they wanted for our entire stay because we were celebrating their birthdays.  Pretty much worth the 3 hour drive right there, ha ha!  It didn't take us very long at all to check into our room, change into our suits and head down to the waterpark.  We came last year, but since Ethan was not even 1 year old yet, he stayed with my sister.  He had no idea what to expect but it was super fun to watch the boys remember things and have the excitement build.

We just soaked up the quality time with our boys and had a great time watching our fish enjoy themselves.  We had scored a great deal on our stay which included a resort credit.  Since we ended up getting free ice cream for our stay, we saved money and ended up using part of the our resort credit to let the boys play a few arcade games.  This is something they never get to do so they were delighted.  It was a great evening and we all slept great.  The next morning we were right back down at the waterpark and ended up staying until around 3ish that afternoon.  We drove a little bit out of the way to hit a Chick-Fil-A for dinner (there were none close to us at the time) and it was delicious!!  We got home late of course but it was worth it, we will always have wonderful memories of this trip.  Our boys really do ask us about once a week if we can go back.  Sure boys, get a job, then sure :-)

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