Thursday, January 19, 2017

Ben graduates from Kindergarten

Even though I'm so late in posting all of these pictures, I can still remember Ben's last day of Kindergarten.  It was such a good year for him.  He didn't know how to read before the year started and by the end of it was reading like a 3rd grader.  He is so quick to catch on to new concepts and really thrived with his teacher.  Socially, he finally hit his stride and stopped hanging out by the teacher assistant's side during recess.  He is a rule follower, eager to participate and just so smart.  I was so proud of him for all he accomplished.
As a family, we all adjusted to life with a schedule and homework, and we all hit our stride as well.  Though we loved the slower pace of the weekend, we all do well with a little routine.  I must say that by the end of the year, I was more than ready to stop packing lunches for a few months and just have my sweet boy home with me all day.  Bring on summer!!

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